Jeremy & Nadia ~ November Splendor!

Athletes.  Animal lovers.  Adventurers.

Nadia was a gymnast, played softball and rugby, and was a member of the track & field team.  Jeremy was a wrestler, played football, and also ran track. They met in college four years ago and have since adopted their pup, Gamora, and cat, Drax.  Together, they’ve gone skydiving, finished a marathon, bought a house, and are currently nursing students working on becoming RNs!

Although nervous she couldn’t keep a conversation going for the 30 minute drive to dinner and back on their first date, Nadia quickly found Jeremy to be a TALKER…and the smiles and laughter came so easily it turned their evening into the best first date EVER!  This former Army medic, who currently works security at the Mayo Clinic talking down difficult patients and resolving dramatic situations in a calm manner, stole her heart…and that was pretty much it for her! Their sparkle together hasn’t changed one bit since then, as  it was instantly obvious to us how much they enjoyed each other’s company!

Nadia made a beautiful bride, getting ready at the home of her sister. 

Family is everything to her, and her first looks included both her adoring father and best-bud brother.  They surrounded themselves with love and support from their friends and family all day long!

After photos in Springvale County Park, it was off to Nadia & Jeremy’s  traditional Catholic ceremony at her family’s home church, St. Elizabeth’s, where the brand new priest performed his very first nuptials!  (And, a fun little side note here, we actually met him while he was still a deacon at another wedding we photographed in Glenwood two years ago!)

With some freshly fallen snow and an incredible sunset casting an orange glow on the Rum River, Riverside Park made a stunning backdrop for bridal portraits on the way to the grand reception.

Then it was time to get the party started with their family and friends at the Northern Lights Ballroom!

And how about this sweet confection created with love by bridesmaid (and gymnastics teammate) Emily?!!

Nadia & Jeremy are two of a kind, and soulmates at heart!  We loved spending your best day ever with you!




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